Interview with a Vampire: Black Bettie Cosplay hosts BIPOCVampDay 2021

On Friday, September 17, 2021, the internet was taken over by a horde of vampires. Social feeds were swarmed by blood-thirsty immortals as they revealed themselves to the public, infinite in their numbers. They would not stop until the following Sunday of the 19th. Some say their carnage still goes on to this day. Haunting visages of all types circulated the stomping grounds of mortals with one thing in common: They were all BIPOC.

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Making My Jollibee Inn Girl Cosplay

I’ve never done a mashup cosplay before, at least not one of my own design. (Sylveon Bard was a mashup of Pokemon and D&D groups, so I guess that was technically my first mashup cosplay.) And I don’t know how the idea for Jollibee Inn Girl even got into my head. I think the FF7 remake had come out and the Honeybee Inn Girls just looked so cute and I must’ve seen or thought of Jollibee when I merged the two thoughts together. Either way, I had the idea and I couldn’t get it out of my head. So I decided to do it.

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Making My President Loki Cosplay

As a non-binary, bisexual cosplayer, it is a mystery how I haven’t cosplayed the God of Mischief Loki until now. While I didn’t immediately fall in love with Loki’s character at the very beginning of the MCU, I did slowly grow very fond of him and Tom Hiddelston’s portrayal of him. With each new appearance, I began to love him more and more. The Disney+ show “Loki” solidified that.

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