Ashweez Cosplay

Texas-based POC Cosplayer specializing in sewing, prop-making, and education

Award-winning Cosplay Builds

These three featured cosplays have all won awards for craftsmanship!

Panel Offerings

Here are some panels that I offer for both virtual and in-person cons!

Ashweez’s Blog

So You Want to Run an Online Con

I’ve now run ComfyCozyCon three times. I feel like with each event, we improved dramatically while also adding new features. Here are some things I’ve learned about running an online convention and how you can do one yourself!

2021 Retrospective & 2022 Cosplay Goals

Last year, I set up some lofty goals for myself. I managed to accomplish some while others were unfulfilled. Here’s how I did last year as well as some simpler goals for 2022.

Anime Frontier 2021 Masquerade & Weekend Highlights

Anime Frontier was two weeks ago and I finally have time to talk about it. (You can watch my vlogs here and here!) Here’s a little recap of my experience judging the Masquerade as well as some picture galleries with highlights of the rest of the weekend!

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