Ashweez Cosplay

Texas-based POC Cosplayer specializing in sewing, prop-making, and education

Feature Fridays

Feature Fridays is a space to promote cosplayers of marginalized backgrounds. A new cosplayer featured every week!


Apparel and prints to satisfy your every Ashweez Cosplay need!

30-something-year-old Makeup Baby

For three decades, I actively avoided makeup. I swore it off, scoffed at it, turned my nose up at it. Now, I suddenly find myself fascinated by it and wanting to finally learn on my own. Here’s my makeup journey that no one asked for.

Self-shooting Cosplay at Home

Since the start of the pandemic, lots of cosplayers have turned to self-shooting at home to make their cosplay content. When we would normally be filling our social media feeds with photos from on-location shoots and conventions, we’ve now been coping by taking our own photos at home.

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