About Ashweez


If you count the time she convinced her mom to buy her a jean vest and skirt to cosplay Android 18 in the 6th grade, Ashweez Cosplay has been cosplaying since 2000. If you don’t count that and instead count the time she threw together an Edward Elric cosplay for Akon when she was 16, she’s been cosplaying since 2005.

Since 2016, she started making her own cosplays from scratch with her trusty Brother CS6000i sewing machine. She’s been logging her cosplay builds ever since. She recently served as a judge at the Quakecon 2019 Cosplay Contest and won a Judge’s Award at the Animefest 2019 Cosplay Contest.

She remains a cosplay hobbiest and doesn’t do merch, prints, guesting, or other professional endeavors for fear of losing the “fun” aspects of cosplay she enjoys. Her main goals for cosplay are to make cool things, learn new building/sewing techniques, meet interesting people, and share whatever knowledge she can (and of course have fun all the while!).

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