Below is a list of panels that I’ve participated in as well as ones that I offer. I can also turn any blog post into a panel subject.

Panel TitleDescriptionConventionRole
Boku No Hero Jeopardy, hosted by Fangirlproductions.cosThink you know everything there is to know about BNHA? Hosted by students of U.A. High, come test your knowledge spanning from the Anime to the Manga, from Class 1-A to the Pro Heroes, even the villains. There’s even prizes to be won! Go Beyond Plus Ultra with this jeopardy styled panel!My Hero Con: Texas Smash 2020Participant
Strike a Pose 101: Working with Photographers to Showcase Your CosplaysAre you a cosplayer that wants to show off your awesome costume to the world but don’t know how? Do you wonder how your favorite cosplayers get their amazing pictures? Do you want to learn how to find, book, and shoot with photographers so you can have a memento of your hard work? Look no further than this panel! We’ll give you tips on what to look for in a photographer and what to do once you’ve booked your first shoot! Open to all ages and experience levels.Anime Frontier 2020*Host
Thrifting for CosplaysSo you want to cosplay and you want to do it on the cheap. What can you do? Well, there’s actually lots you can do. You can wait for sales, become a coupon hoarder, and buy in bulk. You could buy a readymade cosplay on one of the many cosplay stores online (infinitely cheaper than making something from scratch). One other way? You could put your cosplay together yourself using the wonderful world of Thrift Stores. *angelic choir*Panel offeringHost
So You Want to Compete in Cosplay ContestsLearn the ins and outs of competing in cosplay contests and what exactly goes into competitions from both the contestant and judge POV. Get tips for all the stages of the contest: registration, pre-judging, rehearsal, and performing! Panel offeringHost
Cosplays, Cons & Controversies: A Deep Dive into the Cosplayer ExperienceIn the fall of 2019, Ashweez Cosplay conducted a study where she interviewed over 50 cosplayers all over the globe to learn their experiences in the cosplay and con community. In this panel, she goes over her findings: what makes cosplayers tick and what they think can be done to improve this communityPanel offeringHost
Build Your Own Cosplay Site for CheapWith the ebb and flow of social media, wouldn’t you like to carve out your own little space on the internet that’s just for you and completely under your control? Ashweez Cosplay offers insights on the 3 big name website builders: WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. Learn about the pros and cons of each platform, the costs associated with creating your own website, and whether or not it’s right for you.Panel offeringHost

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*Strike a Pose 101 was submitted and accepted to Anime Frontier 2020. However, due to Covid-19, AF2020 was cancelled.

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