Below is a list of panels that I’ve participated in as well as ones that I offer. I can also turn any blog post into a panel subject.

Strike a Pose 101: Working with Photographers to Showcase Your Cosplays

Are you a cosplayer that wants to show off your awesome costume to the world but don’t know how? Do you wonder how your favorite cosplayers get their amazing pictures? Do you want to learn how to find, book, and shoot with photographers so you can have a memento of your hard work? Look no further than this panel! We’ll give you tips on what to look for in a photographer and what to do once you’ve booked your first shoot! Open to all ages and experience levels.

Previous Conventions: Anime Frontier 2020*, ComfyCozyCon 2020

Intro to Adobe Creative Suite for Cosplayers

The Adobe Creative Suite is a powerful tool and has many programs that can be handy for a cosplayer, but it can be a little overwhelming. Ashweez walks you through each program and what they can be used for to help polish your cosplays and build your brand! Ashweez also offers cheaper alternatives to Adobe.

Previous Conventions: ComfyCozyCon 2020

Invisibility Quirk! Learn How To Edit in Photoshop to Cosplay Invisible Girl

Ever wonder how cosplayers cosplay someone invisible? It’s not magic: it’s Photoshop! Join Ashweez as she walks you step by step through her process of cosplaying the Invisible Girl from My Hero Academia.

Previous Conventions: ComfyCozyCon 2020: Winter Edition

Prop Blueprints 101: Learn the Basics of Tracing in Illustrator

Designing blueprints by hand can be difficult. Ashweez can show you how to do it using Adobe Illustrator so you can take the guess work out of your prop design! She’ll run through the basics and give tips on how to use Illustrator to step up your cosplay!

Previous Conventions: ComfyCozyCon 2020: Winter Edition

So You Want to Compete in Cosplay Contests

Cosplay Contests, whether they’re in-person or online, can be intimidating to the beginner cosplayer. There’s a lot to know: applications, divisions, build books, pre-judging, performance, and more! Ashweez runs you through the basics of what to expect in your average cosplay contest, how best to prepare for it, and how to get the most out of each contest! She can’t guarantee you a win, but she can guarantee a good time!

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*Strike a Pose 101 was submitted and accepted to Anime Frontier 2020. However, due to Covid-19, AF2020 was cancelled.

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