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Texas-based POC Cosplayer specializing in sewing, prop-making, and education

Download a Media Kit PDF here (last updated 11/2/22)

The Basics 

  • Ashweez has been cosplaying and attending cons since 2005, attending 35+ cons total and regularly attending Texas cons such as Animefest and A-kon. 
  • She’s a Master-level crafter and has been making her costumes from scratch since 2016.
  • Over the course of her cosplay career, she’s done 60+ cosplays, ranging from 100% handmade to thrifted, modded, and purchased.
  • She founded, ran, and paneled at ComfyCozyCon, a virtual con held on Twitch. ComfyCozyCon has been held 3 times (Aug 15, 2020; Dec 12, 2020; and Dec 11-12, 2021)
  • Ashweez hosts a podcast ComfyCozyCast, ComfyCozyCon’s affiliate podcast. Season 1 premiered Feb 11, 2021.

Social Media

Total Follower Count: 5,870+



Convention & Event Experience

  • Cosplay Contest Judge, HKMKT Night MKT 2022
  • Cosplay Contest Judge, DFW Host Club’s Commoner’s Festival 2022
  • Cosplay Guest Judge, Anime Frontier 2021
  • Cosplay Contest Sponsor, Cosplayado 2020
  • Cosplay Contest Judge, Quakecon 2019

Podcast & Stream Appearances

  • “Booplings for Charity” Twitch charity stream: Helped raise $1020 for Fuck Cancer
  • “Tales from the Fandom” Podcast, Episode 212
  • “Katsu Stream-A-Thon” Twitch charity stream: Helped raise $2311 for Magic Wheelchair
  • “Kigu Talk” Podcast, Episode 4: Virtual Cons and the Future of Accessibility

Sponsored Content

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist page on the PS5

Available Services

  • Cosplay contest judge
  • Convention panel hosting and moderating
  • Convention guest appearances
  • Cosplay product promo through partner/sponsorship
  • Cosplay reviews
Judging the Anime Frontier 2021 Masquerade with Podgekinn (left) and Lutavia Cosplay (middle)


  • Machine sewing, hand sewing
  • Hand embroidery
  • Prop building (EVA foam, foam clay, PVC, cardboard)
  • Painting and weathering
  • Circuitry (LEDs)
  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Graphic, web, brand, apparel and merch design
  • Basic photography, video recording and video editing
  • Podcast hosting and interviewing

Interested in having me guest at your convention?

Please check out my Booking page

Last updated 11/2/22

Header photos by Allie Norado Photography and PancakeRemix

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