I Won Best Workmanship During the #RTXatHome Cosplay Contest!

Back in August, I entered the Rooster Teeth #RTXatHome cosplay contest. It seemed fitting considering I had planned to attend RTX in Austin before Covid went and ruined all my plans. It was my first online cosplay contest that wasn’t simply a “Photo that gets the most likes on Facebook wins” contest.

I entered Kali into the contest, thinking it wouldn’t seem fair to enter Grimm Reaper when it had already won both a minor and major award previously. I went in fully prepared to pull content from my build post, but was met with some interesting submission restrictions. We were only allowed to submit 5 files, either photos or videos. There was also a size restriction. (I don’t remember it exactly but I think it was 200mb total for all 5 files.) I opted to include 3 photos and 2 videos, specifically my two build videos I had on youtube (Build Video Part I. Build Video Part II). I had to remove the sound and lower the quality to get the file size down, but it seemed like it was worth it!

Today, after waiting a few weeks impatiently for RTX at Home to start, I anxiously sat glued to my chair watching the stream for the cosplay contest.

They announced the finalists and the winners for all the categories: Best Recreation, Best Original Design, Best Workmanship, Best Prop Skills and Best Overall. I was so ecstatic to see myself among the finalists for the Best Workmanship category and literally screamed when Melanie Stern announced my name as the winner for it! I scrambled to take screenshots and tweet out the news. After Best Prop Skills was announced, the stream cut out for me. But it didn’t matter because I had seen my win and not only that, but managed to record it on OBS!

I apparently also made it to the Overall Winner Finalists which I of course missed because of the stream cutting out! I managed to get this screenshot the next morning when the contest was re-streamed.

Thank you, Rooster Teeth!

I am so incredibly honored to have received this award! I’m so happy to have gotten it for Workmanship of all things. I just know that including my build video (which touched on how the embroidery took 80+ hours lol) helped me with winning.

As always when it comes to my Kali cosplay, I have to give a shout-out to Skim Milk Cosplay for resin casting my clips and Allie Norado Photography for my beautiful photos.

I’ve officially gotten a cosplay contest hat trick! Huzzah!

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