Ashweez Cosplay Featured in a Magazine!

Late July, I applied to the September issue for Cosplay Realm Magazine, a magazine with monthly themes that accepts submissions from cosplayers and does both digital and print versions of the magazine. The September issue theme was Nintendo, so I submitted my Detective Pikachu cosplay.

The submission process is simple: email the magazine with the proper credits a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder with at maximum 10 photos. Be sure to include proof that you could permission for your photographer. The magazine is really good about revealing the themes early to give cosplayers a chance to put together and/or shoot photos applicable to the theme.

I heard back from CRM a few days before the issue was to go live. They said they would send a “tear sheet” (i.e. spread) of my feature within 48 hours of the issue being published. I was so stoked when I heard that I didn’t even both waiting for my tear sheet: I ordered both a physical and digital copy of the magazine as soon as it went live so I could see my page immediately.

It was so cool getting to see my cosplay among so many other talented cosplayers for the Nintendo issue. I actually became IG mutuals with @ChrisCrossPlay and @kitsune_ravenwing, the Ball Girl and Mimikyu cosplayers who I’ve dubbed my Page Buddies!

Here’s a closeup of my feature as well as a text version of my write-up for those using screenreaders.

Detective Pikachu was a fun cosplay, both to put together and to wear. I went into the cosplay with nothing but a child-size Detective Pikachu hat that my husband had gotten me for my birthday. I ended up having to add a headband to it with hot glue since the hat wouldn’t stay on my head otherwise. Typically, I make my cosplays from scratch, but for this one I decided to challenge myself by going a different route: thrifting. 

Thrifting is less about perfect accuracy and more about having a general vision of the cosplay as well as being open and flexible to what the universe (aka the thrift store) has to offer. When I visited a nearby thrift store, I went in knowing that sizing wouldn’t be perfect, so I kept my eye out for anything in my size or larger in the color and style I wanted. Getting them in larger sizes meant I could alter them to fit. I managed to find a trenchcoat, skirt and blouse in the styles I wanted for super cheap. (The trench coat was $20 while the skirt and blouse were only $2 and $3 respectively!) I had to alter both the skirt and blouse to fit, but I loved how the style came together. The rest of the cosplay–a Pikachu tail and magnifying glass– was simply bought at a Spirit Halloween. (I also borrowed my husband’s coffee thermos lol)

I wore Detective Pikachu to Anime Dallas 2019 and was really happy with the reception it got. I particularly loved one moment during the con when I was helping a friend get their panel set up. They needed some information from the con staff, so I volunteered to run and find them. I ran around the con to get to the staff area, determined to complete my mission, and was met with a few “Oh hey! It’s Detective Pikachu!” comments in passing as I ran past them. I felt very in-character. And, of course, I loved the photos I took with @candiiphotography. They really captured the detective/noir aesthetic with the dramatic lighting. 

Getting featured was such an awesome experience, one that I’m apparently going to experience again! I submitted to the October issue (Halloween themed) and already heard back from CRM that I’d be included! I cannot wait to see how my feature looks and also see all the other fantastic cosplayers that are bound to be included!

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