I Won Best Workmanship During the #RTXatHome Cosplay Contest!

Back in August, I entered the Rooster Teeth #RTXatHome cosplay contest. It seemed fitting considering I had planned to attend RTX in Austin before Covid went and ruined all my plans. It was my first online cosplay contest that wasn’t simply a “Photo that gets the most likes on Facebook wins” contest.

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Officially Leveled Up: Journeyman Craftsmanship Cosplayer

I entered my Grimm Reaper cosplay into yet another cosplay contest, this time at Anime Dallas. AD’s contest rules stipulate that Judge’s Awards do not count towards your total number of awards and therefore doesn’t disqualify you from entering that cosplay into the contest. With this in mind, I was effectively at zero awards, so I entered into the Inexperienced (Novice) category. Continue reading “Officially Leveled Up: Journeyman Craftsmanship Cosplayer”

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