2021 Cosplay Goals

It’s a new year, so let’s set some goals! These goal categories are listed in order of priority, so if I don’t meet the later ones, I’m fine with that. I tried to set reasonable amounts so that I don’t burn myself out.


  • Finish Seraphine cosplay ✔️
  • Enter Seraphine into 1 virtual contest ✔️
  • Enter Seraphine into 1 IRL contest (covid permitting)
  • Learn at least 5 new crafting techniques ✔️
    • Wig dye
    • Piping (making and installing)
    • Use Heat n bond
    • Adding studs to leather
    • Use Kobracast
  • Self-shoot 1x month (doesn’t have to be new cosplays)
    • January: Kaori Miyazono
    • February: Mast Cell, Detective Pikahu
    • March: Casual Seraphine
    • April: Seraphine
    • May: Tsukasa Hiiragi
    • June: Konata Izumi

Collabs/Big Projects

  • Launch ComfyCozyCast ✔️
  • Do at least 1 season of ComfyCozyCast ✔️
  • ComfyCozyCon 2021


  • Finish editing CC’s on backlog videos
  • Seraphine build video ✔️
  • K/DA “More” Dance cover video in Seraphine cosplay ✔️
  • Tutorial video 1x quarter
    • Q1: How to Make & Install Piping
  • 1-2 scripted cosplay videos
  • Carole & Tuesday song cover video
  • Con vlogs if applicable
  • At least 1 review video (through a sponsorship)


  • Seraphine build post ✔️
  • Feature Fridays Quarterly posts
  • 1 sponsored review post
  • Cosplay tips and tricks 1x quarter (written versions of youtube tutorials)
    • Q1: How to Make & Install Piping

Ashweez Cosplay, LLC

  • New merch design 1x month
    • January: “Ask me about my cosplans” shirt
    • February: “Ask me about my cosplans” sticker
    • March: “Kawaii” sweatshirt
    • April: “Abstract cosplay” shirt
    • May: “Popstar” postcard and poster
    • June: “I ❤ cosplay” LGBTQIA+ Pride collection shirts
  • Giveaway 1x quarter
    • Q1: Twitter giveaway
  • Sell at least 1 fucking print ✔️


  • Reach affiliate (based on a 30-day period)
    • Stream 8 hours
    • Stream on 7 different days
    • Average of 3 viewers


  • Land 1 sponsorship or partnership deal


  • Idk just keep doing what you’re doing. IG is garbage anyway.

Last updated 6/10/21

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