Whoa! Blogbyash* is now an award-winning blog!

Sometimes I worry that my blog posts are getting lost into the internet ether and that no one reads them. I continue to write them, however, because I really enjoy writing them and because I like documenting my process when it comes to cosplay. I have a decent amount of followers on here (Hi there! I ❤ you!) and I never intended for this to be anything more than the musings of a girl who just loves dressing up and learning how to make better costumes.

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I made Korra’s hoodie!

Last weekend, I realized I had enough leftover fabric from making my Book 4 Korra cosplay to make her hoodie! So this past week, I worked weeknights and during the weekend to make it! Drafted the pattern myself and tried to save as much money as possible. I only had to buy some bias tape, the wooden circles, and mod podge to complete this. Continue reading “I made Korra’s hoodie!”

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