Ashweez Cosplay Guesting on the “Kigu Talk” podcast!

I’m going to be a guest on the Podcast “Kigu Talk” on Friday, December 18!

About Kigu Talk

Kigu Talk” is a podcast hosted by three cosplayers @Lissandela, @cupofpre, and @batbushka. (If you follow my Feature Fridays posts, you should recognize all three as they have all been featured!) The podcast is livestreamed on Fridays at 6pm Central Time on the Kigu Talk Twitch channel and goes over all things cosplay. The podcast episodes are available shortly after the stream as a VOD on the Twitch channel as well as in audio format on their Spotify.

The first episode “In which we introduce ourselves” aired on November 20, 2020, with its second episode “Disappointment, jealousy and gatekeeping in the cosplay community, Xmas gifts” airing the week after. These cosplayers don’t shy away from the heavy subjects and talk about a lot of current events within the cosplay and nerd community.

Episode 4: Virtual Cons and the Future of Accessibility with AshweezCosplay

I’ll be joining them on Friday, December 18 for the fourth episode. This will be hot on the heels of running ComfyCozyCon the Saturday prior. I’ll be talking about how I formed the convention and all that goes into running it. We’ll also be discussing the general future of conventions as well, now that we’ve seen how COVID-19 has affected the industry.

Be sure to tune in on Twitch! Hope to see you in the chat! They’re off this week, but Episode 3 airs next Friday Dec 11 at 6pm CST!

Friday, December 18 at 6pm CST

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