2021 Retrospective & 2022 Cosplay Goals

Last year, I set up some lofty goals for myself. I managed to accomplish some while others were unfulfilled. Here’s how I did last year as well as some simpler goals for 2022.

2021 Goals: Overall, 55% Accomplished

These goals were set into categories, ordered higher priority to lowest. So the latter ones I knew I probably wouldn’t get to.

Cosplay/Crafting: 93% Accomplished

  • Finish Seraphine cosplay ✔️
  • Enter Seraphine into 1 virtual contest ✔️ Ultimate Online Cosplay Championship
  • Enter Seraphine into 1 IRL contest (covid permitting) ✔️ Nishi Fest
  • Learn at least 5 new crafting techniques ✔️
    • Wig dye
    • Piping (making and installing)
    • Use Heat n bond
    • Adding studs to leather
    • Use Kobracast
    • Seifuku hip, shoulder and glove rolls
    • Harness for Jollibee stinger
  • Self-shoot 1x month (doesn’t have to be new cosplays)
    • January: Kaori Miyazono
    • February: Mast Cell, Detective Pikahu
    • March: Casual Seraphine
    • April: Seraphine
    • May: Tsukasa Hiiragi
    • June: Konata Izumi
    • July: President Loki
    • August: ❌
    • September: ❌
    • October: ❌
    • November: ❌
    • December: Kena

Collabs/Big Projects: 100% Accomplished

  • Launch ComfyCozyCast ✔️
  • Do at least 1 season of ComfyCozyCast ✔️
  • ComfyCozyCon 2021 ✔️

Youtube: 40% Accomplished

  • Finish editing CC’s on backlog videos ❌
  • Seraphine build video ✔️
  • K/DA “More” Dance cover video in Seraphine cosplay ✔️
  • Tutorial video 1x quarter
    • Q1: How to Make & Install Piping
    • Q2: ❌
    • Q3: ❌
    • Q4: ❌
  • 1-2 scripted cosplay videos ❌
  • Carole & Tuesday song cover video ❌
  • Con vlogs if applicable ✔️
    • HoeCon 2021
    • Nishi Fest 2021
    • Anime Frontier 2021
  • At least 1 review video (through a sponsorship) ❌

AshweezCosplay.com: 31% Accomplished

  • Seraphine build post ✔️
  • Feature Fridays Quarterly posts ❌
  • 1 sponsored review post ❌
  • Cosplay tips and tricks 1x quarter (written versions of youtube tutorials)
    • Q1: How to Make & Install Piping
    • Q2: ❌
    • Q3: ❌
    • Q4: ❌

Ashweez Cosplay, LLC: 57% Accomplished

  • New merch design 1x month
    • January: “Ask me about my cosplans” shirt
    • February: “Ask me about my cosplans” sticker
    • March: “Kawaii” sweatshirt
    • April: “Abstract cosplay” shirt
    • May: “Popstar” postcard and poster
    • June: “I ❤ cosplay” LGBTQIA+ Pride collection shirts
    • July: ❌
    • August: ❌
    • September: ❌
    • October: I dissolved the LLC this month
  • Giveaway 1x quarter
    • Q1: Twitter giveaway
    • Q2: ❌
    • Q3: ❌
    • Q4: ❌
  • Sell at least 1 fucking print ✔️

Twitch: 25% Accomplished

  • Reach affiliate (based on a 30-day period)
    • Stream 8 hours
    • Stream on 7 different days
    • Average of 3 viewers
  • Land 1 sponsorship or partnership deal

Instagram: 100% Accomplished

  • Idk just keep doing what you’re doing. IG is garbage anyway. ✔️

2022 Goals

With the dissolution of my LLC (I’ll write a separate blog post about that), I’m hoping to go back to my roots for 2022. I want to scale back my goals and slow things down. Fewer projects, longer deadlines, more care in each project. Quality, not quantity. As you could see from my 2021 list, I took on way too much. Especially given how much work went into both ComfyCozy projects and they only account for 3 tiny bullets!

Taking all that into account, I’ve simplified my 2022 Goals. It’s important to have big lofty goals, but it’s also important to have smaller goals to reach those bigger goals. Last year, I bit off more than I could chew, so this year I’m keeping it more realistic.

Cosplay Goals

  • Craftsmanship
    • Finish Kena cosplay (just missing her staff)
    • Start and finish Lio Fotia cosplay
    • Learn how to use serger
    • Learn how to use soldering iron
    • Make a basic LED light circuit
  • Show Your Work
    • Cosplay build post for each new cosplay
    • Timelapse / build video for at least half of all 2022 cosplays
    • Self-shoot once per month*
  • Competition (covid permitting)
    • Enter one contest for craftsmanship (Master’s division now!)
    • Enter one contest for performance
  • Stretch goals
    • On-location shoot once per quarter
    • Win a Best-in-Show

*I decided to bring back the monthly self-shoot goal for 2022. I didn’t 100% accomplish it last year, but I think this is more attainable this year, since the total number of goals is much shorter.

Non-cosplay Goals

I have a few non-cosplay goals that I want to work on, but those are too private to post here. I do however have one I’m fine with sharing online:

  • Practice more music

I kept it vague so that I could flexible with it. That could be piano, violin, guitar, melodica, or singing! I didn’t set anything as far as specific composition or song cover goals, because I want to be able to give myself room to rediscover music in whatever I feel like doing in the moment.

Here’s to a New Year and a healthier mindset!

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