Making My Maria Calavera Cosplay

As soon as I saw the episode that featured young Maria Calavera, a dual-scythe-wielding, silver-eyed all-around badass, I knew I wanted to cosplay her. Not only was her character incredibly fascinating, but her costume design was beautiful. I loved her colors, the Tabasco dress inspired attire, and all the little nods to Dia de los Muertos.

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Long Overdue, Unnecessarily Long PAX South Recap!

PAX South in San Antonio was the last weekend of January and I’m finally getting around to a recap. It was my first ever PAX and it was a lot of fun! The only cons I have been to in the past couple years have been RTX, so going to PAX South was a little overwhelming. It’s a lot larger than RTX and there are way more people who attended. Continue reading “Long Overdue, Unnecessarily Long PAX South Recap!”

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