I won a Judge’s Award for one of my tutorials!

I just finished watching the Youtube premiere of the Online Cosplay Tutorial Challenge 2022 award ceremony and am happy report I won a Judge’s Award!

Back in February, Knovice Cosplay announced a unique online cosplay contest. It didn’t involve submitting cosplays but rather tutorials for cosplayers! I loved this idea as soon as I heard about it, as someone who documents their builds a lot and will make the occasional tutorial on Youtube.

They allowed for multiple submissions (up to 3) and a wide range of formats. You could submit: a Tiktok video or Instagram Reel, a Youtube video, a Twitter build thread, or a text tutorial. The submissions could be about anything pertaining to cosplay, be it sewing, prop-making, make-up, wig-styling or more.

Awards consisted of:

  • Judge’s Awards
  • Createx Colors™ Best Paint Tutorial
  • Best TikTok/Reel Tutorial
  • Best Youtube Tutorial
  • Most Innovative Technique
  • Best ‘Budget Friendly’ Tutorial
  • Outstanding Text Tutorial
  • Outstanding Build Thread
  • Organizer’s Choice (Knovice Cosplay)

Tutorials I submitted:

These are the tutorials that I submitted to the contest. I had already had the first two and made the last one specifically for the contest.

I had also submitted my Seraphine build thread (Twitter) before I had made the No Resin Crystal one. I had Knovice Cosplay remove it from my submissions since you could only submit 3. It was still included in the list of submissions though, so that’s nice!

And the winner is…

I was ecstatic to learn that my Tomato Soup tutorial won DeLa Doll’s Judge’s Award!

“DeLa expressed that she really loved seeing the clever use of materials and to use the fabric as a liquid was a really clever idea. And the tutorial itself was really clear and well-presented.”

It’s funny watching this 2018 tutorial again with the power of hindsight. I know of ways to improve both the techniques used in the tutorial as well as the tutorial itself. The production value of the video could be improved and I know now from wearing our Overcooked cosplays at PAX South 2019 (RIP PAX South T^T) that the “table legs” of the soup could be made sturdier by either adding another layer of cardboard or using EVA foam instead. I actually still have that pot and those tomato signs, so maybe I make an update video? 🤔 Maybe?

Thanks so much to all the judges and thank you Knovice Cosplay for organizing this awesome contest! I hope we get to see another one in the future!

If you’d like to watch the whole award ceremony, check out the video below!

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