My First Ever Sponsored Cosplay!

For the past couple months, I have been hard at work on my first ever sponsored cosplay! I was contacted for an opportunity to create a cosplay/look to promote the launch of Finji’s new game “I Was a Teenage Exocolonist.” I already love Finji because of Night in the Woods, so this was a no-brainer!

After ironing out the details like what deliverables I was expected to provide and what fee I would want in exchange for it, I set out to make a cosplay for Tammy, one of their characters! I was drawn to her beautiful design and warm demeanor. (And also her pink hair! Since I already own a pink wig!)

I was also given my own custom url to help promote the game and a steam code for the game so I could play it and learn more about it!

This post isn’t really intended as a build post, but if you’re interested in the process, I have a build thread on my Twitter and a build story highlight on my Instagram! She’s far from a perfect build considering I did her very quickly. (Yes, two months is considered “quick” in my book lol) However, I’m very pleased with how the final look came together! I made the halter top, dress, bow, and head jewelry. My elf ears are from Aradani Costumes. They’re the Small Elf Ears in medium skin-tone.

Check out the game!

After playing a bit of the game, I’m excited to continue playing it. The art style, character design, and story are all very compelling and I especially love that it doesn’t shy away from adult themes. (Be mindful of the content warnings if you decide to check the game out! The developers were very good about including warnings so you can decide for yourself it this is a game suitable for you.)

Thank you, David from ICO, for reaching out to me and giving me this great opportunity!


I’m posting this here for posterity, but I got some screenshots of the campaign!

Here’s the blog post on the Northway Games website.

And here’s how the story looked on the PS5 for the game!

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