Making My Mae Borowski Cosplay

Last year, Night in the Woods came out and I had the pleasure of watching Jason play through it. It’s a charming game full of heart, humor, and fun mini games. Recently, I finally got to play it myself and purposefully picked story lines that Jason didn’t so that I could see more of the game. It has amazing replay value because of this and I would love to play it again. Continue reading “Making My Mae Borowski Cosplay”

Cosplay and Body Accuracy: A Personal Experience

Cosplay is, at its core, a very aesthetic hobby. Sure, there’s lots of objective techniques and practices that are used to get to that aesthetic, but the final product is usually one we ultimately take in with our eyes. So when you’ve got an existing character that you’re trying to emulate, you’re trying to capture the aesthetic of that character. Of course, cosplay is more than just dressing the part; cosplayers take it a step further and take on the demeanor of their characters. (That is where the “play” in “cosplay” comes from; it’s a shortened form of “roleplay.”) But to the public at large who sees cosplays online, it’s all about how you look. And anytime there’s a hobby based on looks, you’re going to get haters. Continue reading “Cosplay and Body Accuracy: A Personal Experience”

Whoa! Blogbyash is now an award-winning blog!

Sometimes I worry that my blog posts are getting lost into the internet ether and that no one reads them. I continue to write them, however, because I really enjoy writing them and because I like documenting my process when it comes to cosplay. I have a decent amount of followers on here (Hi there! I ❤ you!) and I never intended for this to be anything more than the musings of a girl who just loves dressing up and learning how to make better costumes. Continue reading “Whoa! Blogbyash is now an award-winning blog!”

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