Make Your Own Mimic Plushie!

In May of this year, Arkane Studios came out with a new game “Prey.” In it, enemies known as mimics run around and are the first monsters you encounter. I decided to make a plushie based on these mimics and I’ve created a pattern for it so you can make your own! Continue reading “Make Your Own Mimic Plushie!”

Making My Wedding Dress Part I: Research

Ever since getting engaged in September of last year, a swarm of questions have been buzzing around in my brain related to wedding planning. When would we get married? Where would we get married? Who would be in our bridal party? What should our color scheme be? How are we going to eat keto at our own wedding? There were so many decisions that needed to be made but one—okay, scratch that, two—were certain: 1) I would be marrying the man of my dreams 2) I would make my wedding dress. Continue reading “Making My Wedding Dress Part I: Research”

Whoa! Blogbyash* is now an award-winning blog!

Sometimes I worry that my blog posts are getting lost into the internet ether and that no one reads them. I continue to write them, however, because I really enjoy writing them and because I like documenting my process when it comes to cosplay. I have a decent amount of followers on here (Hi there! I ❤ you!) and I never intended for this to be anything more than the musings of a girl who just loves dressing up and learning how to make better costumes.

Continue reading “Whoa! Blogbyash* is now an award-winning blog!”

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