Making My Maria Calavera Cosplay

As soon as I saw the episode that featured young Maria Calavera, a dual-scythe-wielding, silver-eyed all-around badass, I knew I wanted to cosplay her. Not only was her character incredibly fascinating, but her costume design was beautiful. I loved her colors, the Tabasco dress inspired attire, and all the little nods to Dia de los Muertos.

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Making My Blake Belladonna Cosplay

In February, I started watching the Rooster Teeth show RWBY. It took a few episodes to warm up for me, but I started to really fall in love with the characters, character designs, fight sequences, and story arch. Whenever I watch new shows, I have a tendency to see it through the lens of a cosplayer and look out for characters I might want to cosplay. Continue reading “Making My Blake Belladonna Cosplay”

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