Making My Kali Belladonna Cosplay

I’ve cosplayed Blake and now I’m cosplaying her momma Kali. She’s a super adorable cat mom so I just HAD to cosplay her! Also, she’s kinda tiny which I think works pretty well for me. Continue reading “Making My Kali Belladonna Cosplay”

Making My Wedding Dress Part II: Buying Supplies & Creating the Mockup

In Part I of this series, I went over my research for my wedding dress. Today’s post will focus on buying everything necessary for the project and a short blurb about making the mockup. Continue reading “Making My Wedding Dress Part II: Buying Supplies & Creating the Mockup”

Making My Wedding Dress Part I: Research

Ever since getting engaged in September of last year, a swarm of questions have been buzzing around in my brain related to wedding planning. When would we get married? Where would we get married? Who would be in our bridal party? What should our color scheme be? How are we going to eat keto at our own wedding? There were so many decisions that needed to be made but one—okay, scratch that, two—were certain: 1) I would be marrying the man of my dreams 2) I would make my wedding dress. Continue reading “Making My Wedding Dress Part I: Research”

Huge Life Update & Big Lofty Sewing Goals

So I guess I should announce first that I got engaged! Jason and I have been together for almost two and a half years and I couldn’t be happier. We met on Okcupid around December of 2013, exchanged a couple messages, both deactivated our accounts for a bit to explore other things, then both reactivated our accounts in March and started talking again. From there, we went on our first date at the 2014 SXSW Gaming Expo and have been pretty much joined at the hip ever since. We moved into a nice apartment together July of last year, then made the big move from Texas to Oregon this past March for Jason’s job. Continue reading “Huge Life Update & Big Lofty Sewing Goals”

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