I Made Link’s Cape from BOTW into a Hoodie!

Today is me and my fiancé’s three year anniversary. I wanted to make him something really special, so I decided to make him something from scratch. He’s been playing Breath of the Wild lately and I decided to make him a hoodie based on Link’s cape.

Quick Build Notes

I used McCall’s Pattern M6614 for the hoodie, with very minor changes. I used the M sized pattern despite knowing Jason pretty reliably wears size S because I rather it be too big than too small. For the main hoodie, I used a navy jersey knit. For the lining, I used a light blue jersey knit. Both had a nice bit of stretch to them. The only adjustments I made to the pattern were:

  • Shortening the sleeves just a tiny bit to match the sleeve length of one of Jason’s existing hoodies.
  • Ditching the two facing pieces in favor of…
  • Adding lining to the front and back pieces. I already knew I would have to add lining to the back because I wanted to hide all the appliqué stitches, so it made sense to add it to the front as well so that it didn’t look so awkward.

Then, of course, I added the Breath of the Wild design to the back and hood. I did this by stitching on pieces of silver bias tape along with red and yellow felt. I tried to be as precise as possible, but some eyeballing did occur, which led to some asymmetrical parts. The fabric itself stretched too, which kind of made attaching the pieces a little difficult at times. All in all, however, I think it turned out really good! And the appliqué won’t fade like fabric paint would. Some bias tape edges may fray a bit, but I can probably clean those up by hand if necessary.

Here’s a super short video of the process! Enjoy!

Photo Mar 23, 8 01 27 AMPhoto Mar 23, 5 32 55 PMPhoto Mar 23, 7 55 29 AM

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