Making My Nana Shimura Cosplay

In October 2019, I finally started My Hero Academia. I had heard of it so much but never got around to watching it. The thing that finally pushed me to watch was attending a MHA Jeopardy panel at Animefest that Kasey and Joseph had been in, hosted by Jalitza who I now consider a good friend and who took my pics below! After binging the show for a whole month, I was caught up to the current episodes of season 4, the latest season. The entire time I watched, I looked for characters to cosplay. Nana stood out. And with My Hero Con just around the corner, I knew I had to cosplay her.

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Making My Wedding Dress Part II: Buying Supplies & Creating the Mockup

In Part I of this series, I went over my research for my wedding dress. Today’s post will focus on buying everything necessary for the project and a short blurb about making the mockup. Continue reading “Making My Wedding Dress Part II: Buying Supplies & Creating the Mockup”

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