Ashweez Cosplay Guesting on the “Tales from the Fandom” Podcast

I’m happy to announce that I’ve guested on another podcast! Next Monday, March 15, 2021, my episode with the “Tales from the Fandom” Podcast will be available to listen to!

About “Tales from the Fandom”

“Tales from the Fandom” is hosted by David Ginsburg, who brings on guests of all types to talk about what fandoms they’re into, whether it’s TV, anime, movie, comic, video game, or more. He’s had many guests on and has—as of the writing of this blog post—211 episodes!

On a personal note, David has been a very helpful resource for ComfyCozyCast and was always willing to listen to and answer my questions about getting a podcast set up. So I’d like to personally thank him for that.

Episode 212

My episode, which comes out Monday, March 15, is set to be episode number 212. I had a lot of fun chatting with David about my various fandoms, including RWBY and Night in the Woods when we recorded the episode back in February. David was actually gracious enough to reschedule our recording because our original scheduled record date was the week of the now infamous attack on the U.S. capitol on January 6. David messaged me and told me he completely understood if I didn’t want to record that week given the anxiety and stress those recent events had stirred up. I thanked him and took him up on the offer, rescheduling to a month later. David was very gracious and good about communicating about what was to be expected with recording and was a lovely host. As I mentioned, we talked about my fandoms, namely RWBY and Night in the Woods in particular. And, naturally, we also talked about cosplay.

Be sure to check out the podcast as well as all the other episodes! (There are so many!) Episodes are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify!

Tales from the Fandom

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