Wig Product Reviews for Cosplayers: Part I

With the recent surge of support to Black-owned businesses due to increased coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement, I came across two companies on Twitter who sell wig-adjacent products. That is to say: products used with wigs, but not wigs themselves. These companies were The Meya Store and The Renatural. Both companies are Black-owned companies based out of the UK. A few cosplayers were recommending online that we go support them. I don’t think either company realized just how much support exactly they would receive from the cosplay community, one that has very quickly become a target demographic for any wig-related products.

For the next two blog posts, I’ll be reviewing both of these companie’s main products: The Meya Store’s Wig Hangers and The Renatural’s Wig Fix. Today’s post will focus on The Meya Store’s Wig Hangers. (For my review of the Wig Fix, check out Part II!)

Below is my written review as well as the same review in video format! (Disclaimer: The blog is not a transcript of the video review.)

The Meya Store’s Wig Hangers

The Problem: Messy, Tangled, and Unorganized Wigs

My wig storage “solution” up until this point has consisted of freezer Ziploc bags haphazardly thrown into a cubbie. (The cubbie was even an upgrade! They were previously stuffed into an old backpack.) I try to remember to comb wigs before putting them back into their plastic bags, but have a tendency of just shoving them back into the their plastic bags unceremoniously, tired from shooting or whatever it was that led me to wear the wig. This leads to future headaches of having to detangle the wigs.

The Solution: Wig Hangers

The Meya Store sells “luxury wig storage” solutions in the form of hangers and bags, similar to a garment bag but much smaller in size! It keeps the wigs from getting tangled in storage and frees up drawer/cabinet space by utilizing hanging storage. Currently, they come in short and long sizes and come in one color (black).

I anticipated that I would like these little hanger/bag combos so much that I would want more, so I took a chance and bought–not one, but–three hangers immediately. When I did this, only one size (long) was available. I had a feeling I would like the first one so much that I would eventually order more, so I figured I’d cut out having to wait for a second shipment. Not only was I right, but I ended up ordering three more hangers a few months later.

Each bag has a hanger with a locking mechanism and the Meya Store logo on it. The hangers come already placed inside the bags, neatly folded to fit the shipping packaging.


This is the part in the series where I apologize for not keeping better track for the sake of reviews. When I bought this product, I hadn’t planned on doing a review for it. I have receipts for when I ordered them (and the estimated shipment date) but don’t have the exact dates. Also, this was a pre-order.

According to my email receipt, I ordered them Thursday, June 4. That same day, I got an email saying the order would be processed within 2 weeks. I don’t have a shipment tracking number so I don’t remember the exact date it arrived. I do, however, know that I started filming the review Sunday, July 12. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t film as soon as I receive them. So, by my estimate, I received the (pre-ordered) Wig Hangers around 4-5 weeks after ordering.

Cost: £14.99 ($19.73 USD) per Wig Hanger, not including shipping

Shipping was £12.99 ($17.10 USD). I bought three of these at once and also used a 10% discount by subscribing to the newsletter. The grand total with shipping for the three hangers £53.46 ($70.38 USD).

The shipping cost is to be expected since it’s international (UK to US) and the cost per hanger is reasonable given what’s included and the quality of the product. It does, of course, add up when you start buying more than one, which you are likely to do if you’re like me and somehow have acquired lots of wigs.

Ease of Use

Using them is simple enough: unzip the bag open, remove hanger, unlock hanger by folding the handle down, open the hanger “teeth”, place wig, close, lock, and store. In my review video, I asked for instructions to be included, not necessarily because I didn’t know how to use the hanger/bag themselves, but because I didn’t know the “proper” way to put the wig in. (Do I put it with the front of the wig facing the front of the hanger? Or more to the side? Is there even a “wrong” way to do it? Am I overthinking it entirely? Probably.)

The fact that the bags are hanging lend themselves to better care and maintenance of the wigs. I’m much more likely to comb my wig before storing it, knowing that it’ll be hanging and not crumpled up into a plastic bag. You can also (kind of) comb the wig while it’s on the hanger. (But only if the tangles aren’t super messy and you’re gentle. Pull too hard and the wig might come out of the hanger.)


These Wig Hangers do exactly what they’re advertised to do, are aesthetically pleasing to look at, have high quality materials, and are an elegant solution for anyone who has more than one wig. I love that the bags are clear in the front so you can easily tell which wig is in each bag. I love knowing that I can quickly find exactly the wig I need without having to rummage through boxes or cubbies of plastic bags.

In my video review, I gave this product a 9/10, with one point docked for lack of instructions. The Meya Store has since added instructions on their website as well as with future shipments. (I got it with my second batch of hangers.) With this, I’ve updated my review to be 10/10! If you’re tired of your messy and clumsy wig storage solution, definitely check out these Wig Hangers!

Read Part II of this two-part review series!

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