Wig Product Reviews for Cosplayers: Part II

Last week, I reviewed The Meya Store’s “Luxury Wig Storage” Wig Hangers for Part I of the “Wig Product Reviews for Cosplayers” series. Today’s post focuses on The Renatural and their product, the Wig Fix.

Below is my written review as well as the same review in video format! (Disclaimer: The blog is not a transcript of the video review.)

The Renatural’s Wig Fix

The Problem: Wigs That Don’t Want to Stay Put

I’m writing this review post as if I’m some sort of wig expert but I am far from it. I get lazier with wigs by the day. I used to take the time and care to put my hair up neatly in a bun full of bobby pins before placing a wig cap on, more bobby pins, and then the wig. (And you guessed right: more bobby pins.) Now, I’m so lazy that I just sort of twist my hair up and shove it in the wig cap and call it a day. Regardless, whether you’re meticulously placing each curl or you’re letting Jesus take the wheel in regards to your natural hair, having a wig stay on shouldn’t be rocket science.

The Solution: The Wig Fix

The Renatural sells silicone wig grips called The Wig Fix. These headbands go over the head and underneath the wig to grip tightly and keep the wig affixed in position. They come in 5 different colors: Transparent, Fair, Tan, Medium, and Deep. Each Wig Fix also comes with a little clear bag for easy storage. The silicone headband has tiny little nubs on both sides, designed to grip your head on one side and your wig on the other. It’s a simple but effective design.

I bought one Wig Fix (you really only need one) in the Tan color. Medium seemed like it’d be too dark and Fair would definitely be too light. The Tan is slightly lightly than my skin tone, but works just fine. (It’s covered by the wig anyway so it doesn’t make that much of a difference, to be honest.)


Shipping for The Wig Fix was very fast! I ordered it Monday, September 28 and–according to the tracking–it was delivered Thursday, October 1. (I say “according to the tracking” because I do not remember myself and had to reference the shipment tracking number to see when it was delivered.)

Cost: £26, including shipping ($33.62 USD)

The cost is super reasonable and affordable. If it were cheaper, I’d honestly be a little wary of it and worried that it wouldn’t be high quality. It’s got great value because you’ll most certainly use the wig grip over and over again.

Shipping was only £1 ($1.32 USD). It varies based on region, but is still very low!

Ease of Use

I will admit right now that in my review video, I’m using the Wig Fix slightly wrong: I have it going below my hairline as opposed to just above it like in the instructions. That’s mostly me just flubbing up. (Also I thought it felt good there?) Either way, most of my wigs have bangs—and none of them are lace fronts—so I can get away with this placement. I’ll of course place it correctly in the future.

That said, it’s very easy to use. Goes on like any other headband. The funny thing is: once the Wig Fix is on and you’re putting the wig on, sometimes making adjustments to the wig’s placement can be tricky because the Wig Fix is attached so well! But it’s such a minor problem that I don’t fault it for it.


The Wig Fix has helped me actually come to enjoy using wigs. I previously hated using wigs. And I mean it when I used the word “hated.” I seriously despised it. But now that the process of putting them on has been simplified by the Wig Fix, I actually look forward to doing full costests, wig included. I love that I can get by without a single bobby pin if I want to.

I highly recommend this product and give it a 10/10! Not only is the product itself great, but the company clearly cares for its customers and is very active online. If you’re annoyed with wearing wigs, give the Wig Fix a try! It might just fix your whole wig-wearing experience.

Read Part I of this two-part review series!

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