Feature Fridays Coming This Week to Instagram and Twitter!

I’ve been wanting to take part in #FeatureFridays that happen all over social media for a while now, but was worried I didn’t have a big enough of a platform to do it. I’ve come to realize that as long as my follower count is greater than 0, it’s big enough.

Starting this week, I’ll be showcasing a cosplayer every Friday on Instagram and/or Twitter to help promote them. I hope I can show you some cosplayers you may have never seen before, so that you can follow and support them. I’ll be focusing on cosplayers that either A) fall within a marginalized and often overlooked demographic and/or B) have fewer than 2000 followers.

I will be picking out a few myself to start (with their permission) but I am accepting applications! To apply, please visit the Feature Friday Application page and fill out the form.

I hope by participating in Feature Friday, I can help open my followers’ eyes to a multitude of diverse and talented cosplayers. Not only this, but I hope by showcasing these cosplayers, it’ll inspire others to cosplay because they can see themselves represented in these creators.

Look forward to it!

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