@Tygeesensei on Twitter and Instagram started a hashtag challenge for cosplayers, challenging them to do a magazine cover style with their cosplay photos! Luckily, I already did something like this a month prior, so I was able to get in on the action quickly!

Pleased with my designs, I opened up my twitter to anyone who wanted to have their own cosplays edited. Here are the ones I did along with the cosplayers who star on the covers! I’m still currently working on these, so I’ll update this page as I finish more covers!

Last updated: 8/21/20

My cosplays and edits

Photo creds in order: @abagofangrybees, @kaseydidwhatphoto, @candiiphotography

More magazine covers!

@himekayecosplay as Jessica Rabbit

@jon_young89 as Kratos

@midnightpursona as Mother Earth (OC)

@pinksunshinecos as Nejire Hado

@hayyitsaudrey as Allura

@pinkpinkbile as Mr. Mime

@MisteriosaVolpe as Mary Poppins

@extralt1 as Qrow Branwan

@DaliDarlingCo as Giyuu Tomioka

@liraelsayre as Cuddle Team Leader

@stoner_jeffrey at Naruto OC Ninja

@JanelleAllayah as Akatsuki Goth Lee (OC)

@batbushka as Harley Quin

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