Kumoricon Recap!

Kumoricon was this past weekend in Portland, Oregon and I had a blast! Drisana was gracious enough to let me stay at her house for the weekend and we had a cosplay sleepover with Sydney and their other friend Brittany.

Normally, I would do a long con recap, but this time for a change of pace, I tried out vlogging for the first time! It was awkward at first cause I kept forgetting to do it. Drisana would usually be the first to remember to recorder a short snippet, then it would be Sydney’s turn, then finally mine. By the end of the weekend I was getting better at remembering to document with my phone.

I’m slowly worked through all our videos (we pooled all of ours together into a Dropbox folder since we would sometimes take BTS scenes of the others’ photo shoots) and made a short 30 second dance video as well as a vlogs for all three days! Check them out!

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