I made Korra’s hoodie!

Last weekend, I realized I had enough leftover fabric from making my Book 4 Korra cosplay to make her hoodie! So this past week, I worked weeknights and during the weekend to make it! Drafted the pattern myself and tried to save as much money as possible. I only had to buy some bias tape, the wooden circles, and mod podge to complete this. Continue reading “I made Korra’s hoodie!”

Making My Korra Cosplay

Back in February I announced I would be doing a Korra cosplay, specifically her Book 4 outfit. Unlike most cosplays I’ve done in the past, this was the only one where I didn’t have a single item beforehand that could be useful for the costume. Usually there’s shoes or some shorts or something to use as a jumping off point, but this time there wasn’t anything. Except my hair. Hurray dark-colored hair and tan skin! I got that going for me. But, for everything else, that meant I’d have to either buy it or make it. Continue reading “Making My Korra Cosplay”

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