Cosplays, Cons & Controversies: A Deep Dive into the Cosplayer Experience

This isn’t my first time attempting this series. I set out to do this a few years ago with my “Meet a Cosplayer” series but ultimately came up short of my original goal. Originally, I was hoping to make it similar to my “Leaving Home” series, in which I sent questionnaires to be answered and then I would read them all and write one cohesive (chaptered) story.

Continue reading “Cosplays, Cons & Controversies: A Deep Dive into the Cosplayer Experience”

Cosplay and Body Accuracy: A Personal Experience

Cosplay is, at its core, a very aesthetic hobby. Sure, there’s lots of objective techniques and practices that are used to get to that aesthetic, but the final product is usually one we ultimately take in with our eyes. So when you’ve got an existing character that you’re trying to emulate, you’re trying to capture the aesthetic of that character. Of course, cosplay is more than just dressing the part; cosplayers take it a step further and take on the demeanor of their characters. (That is where the “play” in “cosplay” comes from; it’s a shortened form of “roleplay.”) But to the public at large who sees cosplays online, it’s all about how you look. And anytime there’s a hobby based on looks, you’re going to get haters. Continue reading “Cosplay and Body Accuracy: A Personal Experience”

Meet a Cosplayer: Drisana AKA Fairchild Cosplay

I met Drisana online through the Kumoricon Facebook group. Sydney had asked the group if there would be interest in joining their DnD Eeveelutions group and I answered the call! After joining their private facebook group and chat, I got to know Drisana through all her progress posts. She’ll be our Leafeon Ranger for our Eeveelutions group and she’s not only making her cosplay, she’s helping make both female and male versions of our Umbreon Thieves! She works super quickly and has gained quite a following on her instagram, facebook, and youtube despite only officially cosplaying for a year and a half. I can’t wait to see what other cosplays she does in the future! Continue reading “Meet a Cosplayer: Drisana AKA Fairchild Cosplay”

Meet a Cosplayer: Bliss AKA Truly Bliss

I met Bliss earlier this year during PAX South. We were both hanging out in the main area, taking a breather on some of the couches that were set up in between the main exhibition halls. She was wearing an amazing dress she made in the style of the Fallout video game series and I just had to ask for her picture. We got to talking and found out we both lived in Austin, so we friended each other on Facebook so that we could have some cosplay shenanigans together back in Austin! Unfortunately, unknown to either of us, I’d be moving just two months after meeting her to the other side of the country. Despite that, we still keep up with each others cosplay progress on Instagram and Facebook. Hopefully one day soon we can meet up at another con! Until then, we’ll always have the internet. Continue reading “Meet a Cosplayer: Bliss AKA Truly Bliss”

Meet a Cosplayer: Kelsie AKA Ithildin Cosplay

I met Kelsie earlier this year during PAX South. She was cosplaying as Aurora from the video game “Child of Light” and I absolutely loved her cosplay. Her dress and crown were beautiful and she even had a little blue effect in her hands for Igniculus, the blue firefly companion that aids Aurora throughout the game. I got a picture of her and didn’t really talk to her a whole lot since Jason and I were headed out. Continue reading “Meet a Cosplayer: Kelsie AKA Ithildin Cosplay”

New Series: Meet a Cosplayer

I had so much fun writing my “Leaving Home” Series that I decided to write another series, this time about cosplayers! I’ve asked a few of my friends to share their stories of how they got into cosplay, what cosplays they’ve done, and what they think of the cosplay community as a whole. I love finding out how friends stumbled upon this hobby that’s gained lots of online traction and attention in the past few years. This will follow more of a Q&A format, unlike my story-based “Leaving Home” series, mostly because I wanted to allow the cosplayers’ personalities to shine through their answers. Continue reading “New Series: Meet a Cosplayer”

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