Cosplays, Cons & Controversies: A Deep Dive into the Cosplayer Experience

This isn’t my first time attempting this series. I set out to do this a few years ago with my “Meet a Cosplayer” series but ultimately came up short of my original goal. Originally, I was hoping to make it similar to my “Leaving Home” series, in which I sent questionnaires to be answered and then I would read them all and write one cohesive (chaptered) story.

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New Series: Meet a Cosplayer

I had so much fun writing my “Leaving Home” Series that I decided to write another series, this time about cosplayers! I’ve asked a few of my friends to share their stories of how they got into cosplay, what cosplays they’ve done, and what they think of the cosplay community as a whole. I love finding out how friends stumbled upon this hobby that’s gained lots of online traction and attention in the past few years. This will follow more of a Q&A format, unlike my story-based “Leaving Home” series, mostly because I wanted to allow the cosplayers’ personalities to shine through their answers. Continue reading “New Series: Meet a Cosplayer”

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