Thrifting for Cosplay

So you want to cosplay and you want to do it on the cheap. What can you do? Well, there’s actually lots you can do. You can wait for sales, become a coupon hoarder, and buy in bulk. You could buy a readymade cosplay on one of the many cosplay stores online (infinitely cheaper than making something from scratch). One other way? You could put your cosplay together yourself using the wonderful world of Thrift Stores. *angelic choir* Continue reading “Thrifting for Cosplay”

My Top 5 Cosplay Tools I Can’t Live Without

After cosplaying for a few years, you start to accumulate quite a few things and become a regular at many different stores. Starting out, it may be tough finding exactly what you need for your costume. Here are a few tools and places that have helped me in my cosplay journey, both for sewing and prop-making alike. Continue reading “My Top 5 Cosplay Tools I Can’t Live Without”

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