Restaurants with Nutritional Info

Bear in mind that some of these are going to be local to wherever I was living at the time (Austin, TX; Bend, OR; or Dallas, TX)

BJ’s Nutritional Guide

Blenders and Bowls (shows carbs but does not include fiber!)

Cafe Yumm (only for certain bowls)

Chili’s Nutrition

Chipotle’s Nutrition Calculator 

Five Guys Burgers

Fuddrucker’s (shows carbs but not fiber!)

Jamba Juice’s Menu & Nutrition

Jason’s Deli Nutrition Calculator

Jersey Mike’s Subs Nutritional Info

Jimmy John’s Menu & Nutriton Calculator 

La Madeleine’s Nutritional Calculator

La Madeleine’s Interactive Nutrition Menu

Mama Fu’s Nutrition Calculator

Mighty Fine’s Nutritional Handout (for that time I cheated)

Modern Market Nutrition

Pei Wei’s Nutrition & Allergy Information

P.F. Chang’s Nutrition & Allergy Information

Planet Sub’s Nutritional Information

Red Hot & Blue BBQ

Red Robin’s Customizer Hub

Rudy’s BBQ Menu

Which Wich’s Number Munchers

*last updated 6/26/18

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