Through this series of personal projects, I hope to help spread positivity; listen to, promote, and uplift marginalized voices; and research and educate the cosplay community on issues it faces. I also offer my services as a graphic designer at low prices for cosplayers who would like to build their brand/logo, but may not be able to afford services provided by other designers.

Please read below to see how you can help me reach my goals, by either participating in Feature Fridays or the ongoing study “Cosplays, Cons & Controversies.”

Feature Fridays

Feature Fridays is a space to promote cosplayers of marginalized backgrounds. A new cosplayer featured every week!

Graphic Design

While my hobby is cosplay, my career is that of a multimedia designer. I offer a range of design services for cosplayers at affordable prices, so you can save your money for cosplays!

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