Bea Santello Mascot Head Pattern Instructions

If you’re here, chances are you’ve purchased my Bea Santello Mascot Head Pattern from Etsy! Read on for steps on how to construct your mascot head.

What you’ll need

  • Mascot head pattern (Etsy)
  • 2 large pieces of foam board
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • Fleece fabric (gray, black)
  • Buckram
  • Paint (yellow, red)
  • Hardhat
  • Upholstery foam
  • Velcro

Step 1: Print out the pattern.

The pattern is available for print in standard (8.5×11) paper. Print at landscape orientation.

Step 2: Cut out the pattern.

To cut out the pattern, first tape the paper pieces together, lining up all the lines. Then, cut the pattern out.

Step 3: Trace pattern onto foam board.

Trace the head shape onto foam board. You’ll do this twice: Once for the front and once for the back.

For the back, cut the pattern at the dotted line to create a circle. Then trace the circle onto a second piece of foam board.

Then, cut the eye out of the pattern and set them aside for later. Do not cut out the eyelid! Use the hole to trace the eye shape onto the front piece of foam board.

Step 4: Cut the foam board.

Cut both of the foam board pieces following the marks you traced. You should end up with

1) front piece with spikes, mouth, teeth and eye hole

2) back oval piece

Step 5: Cover both pieces in fabric.

To cover the foam, cut out pieces of the gray fleece fabric roughly 2″ wider than your foam board pieces. Then, use hot glue to glue down the edges on the backside, making sure to pull the fabric so it’s taut and doesn’t have any folds or wrinkles. Then, layer on the black fleece for the spikes, eyelid, and teeth.

Step 6: Make the eye.

To make the eye, take your pieces of buckram and trace out the eye shape using the pattern pieces you had set aside from step 3. You’ll also want to trace out the pupil shape. Do not cut the buckram yet.

After tracing the eye and pupil, paint over the eye in the correct colors. Paint a little past the edges of the eyes to ensure there’s no gap between the paint and the eye holes. If the buckram is hard to see through after painting, use a pushpin to push holes back in through the paint.

After painting, cut the buckram 1-2 inches wider than the marks. The extra width will allow you to glue the pieces to the inside of the front foam piece.

Step 7: Glue the eyes.

To the back of the front face piece, hot glue the eyes in place, careful to line it up with the eye holes.

Step 8: Make Bea’s cigarette. (Optional)

You can make Bea’s cigarette by rolling a small piece of printer paper and hot gluing it to the tip of her mouth.

Step 9. Cut cardboard for sides.

This step requires having the hard hat handy. This cardboard will be the piece that joins the front and back foam pieces together. It will go along the back pieces oval to make a rounded shape.

First, measure the hard hat from front to back to find out the depth the mascot head needs to be. Add 2-3 more inches to that measurement for ease.

Then, cut one long strip of cardboard as wide as this new measurement (hard hat + 2-3″). The length will go along the back oval piece but leave an opening at the bottom for where your head will go.

Step 10: Cover cardboard in fleece.

The same way you covered the foam board in step 5, cover the cardboard in the same fleece with hot glue.

Step 11: Glue the front, back, and side pieces together.

Starting with the back and side pieces, carefully hot glue the cardboard to the back piece, making sure to follow the curve of the oval and leaving no gaps.

Then, carefully glue the front piece to the cardboard, again leaving no gaps.

Step 12: Add foam to hard hat.

In order for the hard hat and the mascot head to attach to one another, you’ll need to make some minor modifications to the hard hat.

Hot glue one piece of upholstery foam to the top of the hard hat. This is so that the height of the hard hat is now able to reach the inside of the top of the mascot head. This is also to provide cushioning. It’ll look almost like a mohawk.

Try on the hard hat with the foam and put the mascot head on top. Adjust the height of the upholstery foam as necessary to make it sit where you would like.

Step 13: Add velcro to hard hat and mascot head interior.

Once you’re happy with the foam size, hot glue industrial velcro to the foam. Then, glue the matching velcro pieces to the interior of the top of the mascot head (the cardboard piece). To make sure it’s really set, hot glue the edges of all the velcro pieces down so they’re secure.

You’re done!

To wear, put on the hard hat then put the mascot head over it. The velcro on the hard hat should stick to the interior of the mascot head, keeping it in place. The buckram’s small holes will allow you to see out of the eye holes.

Did you make a mascot head using this tutorial? Let me know in the comments! I would love to see it!

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