Ashweez Cosplay, LLC is official!

When I started designing and selling cosplay shirts, I never expected it to take off as well as it did. Up until now, the only cosplay-related money I had ever made was for the one graphic design commission I did for a client. I had tried to sell prints and more graphic design commissions to no success. Hell, I hadn’t even received a single ko-fi donation yet. I lamented that maybe I was just not the type of cosplayer that people spend money on. I thought maybe people just didn’t like what I was selling. (I would later realized that–while maybe that is partially true–more of the blame could be on the fact I wasn’t exactly marketing my prints, graphic design, or ko-fi.)

Marketing the shirts was easy because I loved sharing my designs. I’d share it on Twitter and my followers would do the rest by replying and RTing. And soon enough, a lot of my friends were buying my shirts!

I made more money that I’d ever made before for cosplay, so I decided that I needed to get my finances in order. I wanted to be able to open up a separate bank account just for any money made for cosplay, so I applied through LegalZoom to found an LLC.

Covid slowed things down significantly but in a few weeks, I had an official LLC with it’s own EIN (Employer Identification Number) and everything! The LLC itself is official and formed but there’s still a lot of work to be done in terms of getting the proper licenses in place with the government. And then there’s the issue that my husband and I will be moving sometime in early 2021, so I’ll have to do this process again in the new state we’re moving to. (Had I known back in July that we would be moving to another state so soon, I wouldn’t have bothered going through the formation process until after the move, but it can’t be helped.)

Moving hiccups and pending licenses aside, this is an exciting step for me! It feels like a huge life milestone, right up there with getting a house. (One day… one day, I’ll hit that milestone, too. *sighs in Millenial*)

I’m excited to see where this small business journey takes me. The dream would be to go full-time, but right now I’m focusing on just making enough money to offset costs. Out of the red, into the black. That’s my short-term goal. Then, who knows?

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