Fitness & Cosplay Goals: One and the Same!

12728883_10201395654408675_4091647996006436246_nI completely forgot to do a five month keto check-in, so here you go!

This month, weight loss went pretty slowly, but I feel like I’ve made some great strides in my bouldering. I’m doing more climbs during each session than I did previously and at harder levels. I think this largely has to do with me going to the bouldering gym twice a week instead of just once a week like I was doing before.

I also managed to go through PAX South weekend (very late, untimely blog post about PAX found here!) with a minimal amount of cheating. Before going into everything further, here are the stats!


Before keto: 139.6 lbs

After 5 months of keto (Feb 14): 125 lbs (down 14.6 lbs!)

BMI (Healthy range for BMI is 18.5–24.9)

Before keto: 26.4

After 5 months of keto (Feb 14): 23.6 (down 2.8!)

Fitness Goals

Despite the weight loss being very slow, I’m very happy with where I am right now. Initially I was going to make my final goal weight 120lbs, but I’ve decided that it’ll more likely be a “nice to have, but don’t need” goal. Whether that’s due to me realizing that the main goal should be “happy and fit” and not an arbitrary number or it’s due to me trying to come up with excuses for not losing the very difficult last 5lbs is a mystery. I think if anything it’s me not wanting to burn myself out so close to the finish line.

So right now, my goal is to continue eating keto and to continue working out 3-4x per week. And we’ll just see where that takes me.

Cosplay Goal

Back in 2012, Legend of Korra came out and I immediately wanted to cosplay Korra. I had visions of myself making her costume and really getting in shape so that I could pull her off. However, my depression – which was at its peak in 2012 – would keep me from ever achieving that. I looked at the fabric I had spent my hard-earned money on and, rather than seeing an opportunity to thrive and improve my cosplay skills, all I saw was the inevitability of failure. Failure wasn’t actually inevitable but in my depressed state, it definitely felt like it was.

It took until this year when I had finished my Blake cosplay and remembered that I still had all the Korra fabric that I realized I could try again. My depression for the most part has passed (with little blips of it here and there) and my confidence in my cosplay-making skills has strengthened after RTX and PAX South. It felt good getting back into the swing of cosplay after not doing it for so long. Not only that, but my confidence in my body has skyrocketed since doing keto.

korraOne change of plan however: I’ll be doing Korra’s Book 4 outfit rather than Book 1 for a number of reasons. For one, I recently got a haircut and it goes pretty well with Book 4 Korra. (Her hair is a little bit shorter than mine, but I can always get it fixed.) Another reason is that I simply like her darker top with the asymmetrical fold more than I did her outfit in the first book. Lastly and most importantly, I identify with Book 4 Korra more. Book 1 Korra hasn’t really experienced the hardships of life and depression yet; she’s still that starry-eyed girl brimming with confidence (or perhaps arrogance) and hasn’t quite grown up yet.

Thankfully, the brown fabric and the fur I got when I was initially working on this cosplay will come in handy for this version too! So I didn’t waste my money. I had gotten white fabric and dyed it light blue for Book 1 Korra, but I think I should be able to dye it again to be a darker shade for Book 4 Korra.

Overall, I’m very excited to have a new character to work towards. For RTX and PAX South, I wanted to look good for Blake since she shows off her stomach. For Korra, I’m gonna get to show off the arms I’ve been sculpting with bouldering.

TLDR: I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!

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